Executive Coaching

I use my psychological training and practical approach to help corporations and individuals improve project outcomes and create effective leaders, strong teams, and a pleasurable work environment. According to a 2004 survey by Right Management Consultants, 86 percent of companies said they used coaching. One benefit of coaching is that it offers the invaluable perspective of an outsider, who can use this objective distance to see more clearly how to sharpen skills or overcome barriers to performance. Clients use my services for:

  • Understanding Successful Team Building
  • Creating a Healthy, Pleasurable and Productive Work Environment
  • Forming a Strong Working Alliance with a Diversity of Personalities
  • Dealing with Burnout – Inspiration and Invigoration
  • Developing New and Innovative Ways to Tackle Projects
  • Learning How to Work Effectively with a New Generation of Employees
  • Overcoming Hurdles to Promotion
  • Becoming Motivated for Optimal Performance
  • Achieving Positive Outcomes Under Times of Stress
  • Succeeding Through Change and Unfamiliar Challenges
Fostering Leadership Qualities Among Mangers and Employees
  • Putting Daily Fun Back into the 4-Letter Word W-O-R-K

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